Blue River Saddlery

Blue River Saddles are top of the line saddles marked by quality materials and craftsmanship. These saddles are heavy-duty, made to withstand serious work, and are ready to hold up to the demands of ranch work. Each Blue River saddle is the product of a talented saddlemaker, and the company stands by its work with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty on every saddle.

Blue River Saddles feature hardwood trees which are covered with bull hide for superior strength and durability. The leather is hand tooled with beautiful detailing and symmetrical shaping. Stainless steel hardware completes the saddle while eliminating the issue of rust and corrosion.

Many of the saddles made by Blue River are roping saddles, though the company also crafts cutting and reining saddles. These are true work saddles and they are designed to perform, yet they’re still available at reasonable prices. Many active riders rely on Blue River saddles, since they know that these saddles are up to the task of heavy riding and long hours of work.

True to the brand, most Blue River saddles are made with traditional leather colors and styling. But if you’re looking for a little more color in your saddle, Blue River does produce some options with colored seats and a bit of extra decoration.

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